My name is Amy Owzarek and I’m a grade 12 student in Winnipeg, Manitoba! In grade 10 at the public school I attend, in one of my classes, we were asked to do a project to take action on something we wanted to learn about. I ended up doing it on abortion. Up until this point, I was unaware of the situation happening in Canada, but I remember clearly thinking I wanted this project to be something that would last beyond the final piece of the project we were supposed to complete. I chose to do it on this topic, because I remembered my parents had supported a pregnancy help centre for many years. I did a lot of research, and it felt a bit weird to be doing my project on something very different from the rest of my classmates. I also ended up going to the centre and interviewing a person there who really got me interested in what the centre was doing. For the final part of that project, I emailed some Members of Parliament, and I received a few replies back! Unfortunately, all the MPs who replied stated they had no wish to do anything about the current abortion situation, but I still felt as if I had accomplished something. It resulted in me wanting to be more a part of supporting life! 

I have been connecting with the Crisis Pregnancy Centre here in my city, doing some volunteering and helping run a formula drive for my church. I recently learned about Campaign Life Coalition and CLC Youth when I watched the Virtual March for Life last year that had a high school student panel, which sparked me to get a bit more involved in the pro-life movement. I attended a pro-life apologetics crash course this past October, and I learned even more about how to share my pro-life views. I also decided to get in contact with Campaign Life Coalition’s regional director in Manitoba and I started receiving emails and learning more about pro-life events and opportunities.

There are times when I feel incapable, as if I’m not meant to be involved in the pro-life movement, but I believe that God loves it when we are willing to do something we feel we can’t. I’m not sure how else I should be involved in the pro-life movement, but I feel really blessed where I am helping right now, and I am praying lots to follow what God wants me to do. I want to encourage you that in whatever you do in the pro-life movement, you are making a difference!