Canada’s pro-life movement will STAND FIRM after fall of Roe

I’m Pete Baklinski with Campaign Life Coalition. I’ve got some exciting news for you.  

We’ve just released our theme for the upcoming National March for Life (NMFL) happening just three months away (May 11). 

The march and rally Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) puts on in Ottawa every year is the largest annual pro-life demonstration in Canada, attracting thousands from across the country.  

“Stand Firm” is the theme for this year’s event. You can watch our release about the theme here 

CLC President Jeff Gunnarson will tell you what this theme means:  

“The backlash to the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States has been sharp and swift everywhere, including in our country,” he said. “In Canada, abortion on demand continues, the federal government is still threatening to strip pregnancy care centres of their charitable status, access to chemical abortion is expanding, pro-life speech and expression continues to be under attack, and, on the other end of the spectrum, euthanasia is drastically increasing. ‘Stand Firm’ is how we respond to these attacks on human life.”  

Debbie Duval, National Capital Organizer for CLC and member of the NMFL organizing committee, says this: “’Stand Firm’ is a call to be strong for those who are weak and vulnerable. ‘Stand Firm’ is a promise not to cede one inch of ground. We will not compromise on life. We will not be swayed by popular opinion. We will hold tightly to principle. We will ‘Stand Firm’ for the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death, without exception. Most importantly, ‘Stand Firm’ is a reminder to put on the armour of God, spiritually fortifying ourselves with truth, justice, and faith.” 

For the first time in three years, the full roster of in-person events is coming back, including the Candlelight Vigil for victims of abortion, several Masses and religious services, the annual Rose Dinner and Youth Banquet following the Rally on the Hill and the March for Life, and a full-day Youth Summit the next day. 

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