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What is the March for Life?

The National March for Life in Ottawa, the largest annual protest on Parliament Hill, has been set for May 10, 2018, and the theme for this year’s march is ‘PRO-LIFE ALL.IN.’

Pro-lifers will gather on Parliament Hill to demand that our laws once again uphold the right to life which is inherent to every human being. The March for Life is the largest annual demonstration on Parliament Hill, and a sign that ending abortion is the civil rights movement of our day.

The National March For Life is organized by Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of the pro-life movement. The event is a forum for pro-life Canadians to demand social justice for the more than 100,000 children who are killed in their mother’s womb each year across Canada. Abortion is fully funded by taxpayers for any reason or no reason at all, right up to the moment of birth.

The National March For Life began in 1998 with a mere 700 pro-lifers in attendance. At first, there was a bit of support for the March from political, cultural and spiritual leaders, but as the event grew, they started coming. Every year the event has grown dramatically. In 2015, a record-smashing 25,000 were in attendance.  It is a very young pro-life crowd, with 80% of the marchers under the age of 30.

Each year, we arrange for numerous pro-life Members of Parliament, Senators, activists and religious leaders to give speeches from the steps of Parliament Hill in defense of the right to life.

Afterwards, the throng of pro-life Canadians begin to march through the streets of Ottawa. They are led by the Ottawa police who keep the route safe and clear.

When the March ends, people re-assemble on the lawn of Parliament Hill and listen to moving post-abortion testimonies by the Silent No More Awareness Campaign followed by a prayer service.