Canada150 Facebook Frame

Canada will celebrate its 150 birthday on July 1st.  Our nation has had a long history of protecting human life. In fact, our very first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, said abortion “saps the very lifeblood of a nation.”  We mourn the loss of the more than four million pre-born Canadian children who have been killed by abortion since 1969. Each of these children won’t be celebrating our country’s birthday, because they will never experience a birthday of their own.

Please join us in speaking out for our lost Canadian brothers and sisters by making use of our Social Media promotion.

We have created a number of social media profile images that you can upload as your own profile image and then make use of the Canada Facebook Frame found at https://www.facebook.com/CommunityFdnsCanadaHome/

Here’s how your profile image will look using the Canada150 Facebook Frame

Instructions on how to upload the 150 Facebook frame can be found here:

http://communityfoundations.ca/use-canada-150-facebook-frame/ or see our instructions below.

Let’s remind Canadians of the value and dignity of human life at it’s earliest stage and help make Canada pro-life again.


Step 1:

Download your choice of profile image below and save

Step 2:

Log into your Facebook account and update your profile image using the image you just saved

Step 3:

Click here and look for a pinned post saying “Update your profile picture with this frame from Community Foundations of Canada.” 

Step 4:

Click Try It at the bottom right of the post. Select how long you would like to use the frame (at bottom right)

Step 5:

Click”Use Profile Picture” and you’re done!

Download Your Choice of Profile Image Below