We are happy to announce that the youth conference, hosted by Campaign Life Coalition Youth and Niagara Region Right to Life, will be returning to Ottawa!

I AM the Pro-Life Generation: The National March for Life Youth Summit will be held the day before the March on Wed., May 11, at St. Mary’s Church (100 Young St., Ottawa).

Tickets are only $20.

For group registration, please email youth@campaignlifecoalition.com.
Regardless of religious background, youth between 13-29 years old, as well as youth ministers, teachers, chaplains, etc., are invited to attend in-person.

Those of all ages are welcome to watch our livestream of the event for free on our March for Life Canada YouTube channel as well.



David J. Scotton is a practicing attorney and adoption advocate who was seconds away from not having life. David is also the subject of the award-winning adoption documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue.

Over the past several years, David has spoken at hundreds of events for I Lived on Parker Avenue, appeared on nationally syndicated radio and televisions programs and has shared his family’s adoption story across the country–a story which is now the subject of an upcoming movie set to release in the fall of 2022.

Although David is an attorney in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area practicing all types of business and commercial litigation, he is now in the process of creating his own adoption practice.

When not practicing law or speaking on adoption, David enjoys spending time with his wife and his puppy, Jackson.

Through David’s story, audiences see the unique perspective of an individual – who, seconds away from not having life – has the blessing of life because of adoption. Through David’s story, audiences also see the struggles of growing up adopted, and what it was ultimately like to meet and thank his birth parents eighteen years later for the gift of life. In sharing his story, David also shares what it was like to have that reunion filmed and made into the documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue, and ultimately into an upcoming movie set to release in the fall of 2022.

Dr. Haywood Robinson

Emily Albrecht is a speaker, writer, and coach with Equal Rights Institute. She is the former Co-President of Oles for Life at St. Olaf College, where she worked to transform campus culture using ERI’s apologetics to foster respectful and productive dialogues about abortion. At ERI, she is using her educational background to write, develop curriculum, and teach pro-life advocates how to change minds, save lives, and promote a culture of life in their communities.

Emily is particularly passionate about reaching the youth of the pro-life movement. As a recent college student, she understands what it feels like to walk unprepared into a culture that is overwhelmingly pro-choice. Until she found ERI, she was faced daily with challenges to the pro-life position that she didn’t know how to answer, and she was afraid to speak out. She wants to equip pro-life students with the tools to intimately understand and articulate their pro-life convictions in a productive and compassionate manner.

Emily is also on the Board of Directors for Cradle of Hope, an organization that provides financial and material assistance to families and pregnant women. Cradle of Hope partners with over 180 agencies throughout Minnesota, including 7 of the 11 Minnesota Tribes, to prevent evictions and homelessness while giving families education and resources that empower them to choose life and care for their young children.

Emily graduated summa cum laude from St. Olaf College in 2021 with a B.M. in Vocal Music Education.

He is a Washington State native who loves travel, sports, and whatever his kids are into. Joseph received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and his law degree from Seattle University. He and his wife Brook have four children.

<h2>”The Most Persuasive Pro-Life Argument”</h2>
At ERI, we believe that you <em>can</em> have productive dialogues about abortion. Through a combination of conversational strategies and quality arguments, we can bring people’s walls down and actually change hearts and minds. In 2013, a group of advocates from multiple pro-life organizations started heavily experimenting with different ways of arguing for the personhood of the unborn. The results were astonishing and proved to be more effective at changing the minds of pro-choice people than any other argument advocates have used in the past. It’s called the Equal Rights Argument. This argument masterfully takes premises that most pro-choice people already strongly agree with, and demonstrates that the only reasonable conclusion is that the unborn is a person with a right to live.

Dr. Calum Miller

Research Associate at Oxford University and UK Medical Doctor

Dr. Monique Ruberu

Former Abortionist, 40 Days for Life Director of Medical Affairs & Education

Dr. Monique Ruberu

Ob/Gyn, Vice-Chair of 40 Days for Life

Dr. Kiely Williams

Family physician & Board Member, Canadian Physicians for Life

Click the button below to purchase your ticket(s). You will be redirected to the Niagara Region Right to Life website to purchase your ticket(s).

The program (all times EDT):

2:30-3:30 PM: Doors Open/Registration

3:00-3:30 PM: Adoration (Optional)

3:30-3:45 PM: Praise & Worship

3:45-3:50 PM: Opening & Welcome by CLC Youth Coordinators Josie Luetke & Maeve Roche

3:50-4:40 PM: Speaker #1 Address & Q&A

4:40-5:40 PM: Praise & Worship & Dinner Break

5:40-6:35 PM: Speaker #2 Address & Q&A

6:35-6:40 PM: Closing Address by CLC Youth Coordinators Josie Luetke & Maeve Roche

6:40-6:50 PM: Praise & Worship

7:00-7:45 PM: Mass (Optional)

7:45-8:00 PM: Distribution of Candles

8:00-8:45 PM: Candlelight Procession from St. Mary’s Church to Human Rights Monument for the 9:00 PM Candlelight Vigil for the Victims of Abortion